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Head of narrative design Erika Bergqvist Lindvall 


PROJECT A digital communication platform for the Swedish lifeinsurance company SPP that covers the latest trends within sustainable business, innovation and lifestyle.

CASE Concept design, art direction and editorial production

Sapir magazine was launched in 2015 with the purpose to increase the status of sustainability in a contemporary lifestyle context.

Sapir has an increasing number of 5000 unique readers every month.


CLIENT SPP Life Insurance Company


PROJECT  A podcast and an animated infomercial film that enhances the status för sustainability in a lifestyle context

CASE Concept design, art direction and editoral production

Kjell & Klortanten is a communication package for the Swedish life insurance company SPP, that takes a humoristic turn on common questions about how to adopt to a more sustainable lifestyle.

A viral film and short teasers was also part of the concept. The idea is to communicate sustainability issues without the typically political correct angle and instead locating the discussion in the nitty gritty of modern lifestyles.

The podcast ran from May 2013 to June 2014 and has up to date approximately 80 000 unique downloads.

CLIENT SPP Life Insurance Company

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Head of narrative design Erika Bergqvist Lindvall 


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senior designer Alexander Wolfe


PROJECT Exhibition on ecological economics 

CASE  Exhibition design, concept and artistic intervention

Guringo was commisioned to develop a concept for an exhibition that presents cutting edge sustainability research in ecological economics in the Svenskt Tenn flagship store at Strandvägen, Stockholm. 

The exhibition consisted of five artistic interpretations of scientific insights illustrated by four of Swedens most renowned contemporary artists and facilitated by Guringo. Guringo also designed the fifth artistic interpretation, a sculptural intervention of Josef Franks classic cabinet Nationalmuseumskåpet.

During 2016 The Swedish Institute contracted Guringo to translate the exhibition posters to english and provide a exhibition concept for Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide.

Exhibition catalogue

CLIENT Svensk Tenn, Svenska Institutet, Beijer Institute