Impact Wighted Design Tool

Impact Weighted Design. How to design fashion based on real time impact data Designing for fashion has up till now been a linear process, full of point of no return decisions. Cost has prevailed, and impact data has – in the best of cases – been presented at the end of the design phase when…

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PROJECT Exhibition for the City of Gothenburg that captures the unique world of the Swedish America Line. CLIENT City of Gothenburg CASE Concept design and direction   America Fever is an immersive and engaging exhibition where drama, individual fates, the horrors of war and the spectacular luxury of the Swedish America Line enchants the visitor to experience another world.   The…

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second skin – the rotten generation Biodegradable clothing – Could clothes that deteriorate turn the problem of overconsumption and at the same time raise existential questions?. Fashion story and text in Form magazine aug 2014 “The new world hunger will never leave you,” sang Joakim Thåström and Imperiet in the eighties. Perhaps it is time…

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