Patterns of the Biosphere

Patterns of the Biosphere

Client: Svenskt Tenn

-  Exhibition design, concept and artistic intervention

Exhibition on ecological economics

Exhibition open: 15th of April to 15th of June 2015
Guringo was commisioned to develop a concept for an exhibition that presents cutting edge sustainability research in ecological economics in the Svenskt Tenn flagship store at Strandvägen, Stockholm. The goal was to engage unprepared customers by means of visually intriguing and attractive artwork. The exhibition aims at expanding the awareness of the fact that all profit from the company Svenskt Tenn goes to scientific research within ecologics and medicine.

The challenge was to merge art and science in a way that communicated and made justice to the research and at the same time reached up to the artistic expectations of  the Svenskt Tenn brand.

The exhibition consisted of five artistic interpretations of scientific insights illustrated by four of Swedens most renowned contemporary artists ; Jesper Waldersten, Eric Ericsson, Liselotte Watkins and Stina Wirsén. Guringo designed and produced the exhibition and created the fifth artistic interpretation, a sculptural intervention of Josef Franks classic cabinet Nationalmuseumskåpet. The cabinet now permanently resides at the Royal academy of Sciences.

The Be A Tree poster with illustrations by Jesper Waldersten was the most frequently clicked link on the Svenskt Tenn webpage during 2015.

During 2016 The Swedish Institute contracted Guringo to translate the exhibition posters to english and provide a exhibition concept for Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide.