Streamateria Exhibition Arlanda

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- How do we dress in a society where our clothes are consumed as fresh food?

What if we could recreate our garments and at the same time have access to all of the world's design? Let us reconsider the word quality. Let's say it does not necessarily mean stuff that last, but rather defines an experience. Like eating.

Streamateria is a service solution that let you recreate your identity as many times you want, in as many ways you want.

 The core service is a system of virtual clothes that becomes analog for a short time.  By bridging the gap between bits and atoms we are creating a virtual stream of clothes you can experience physically but never own. Thus the quality of the system lies in the experience itself. Like the way we experience music or film today.

Streamateria is a prototype for a digital service offering bespoke, compostable clothing with short life span that – in combination with pop-up units – can be consumed without environmental guilt. A consumption made possible by designing transience as an added value right from the start.

The digital garments is fitted on customized avatars in a virtual fitting room and, through an automated process they assume physical form. By creating garments that are designed to die from the beginning, we can create a virtual stream of design that not only enables unique, enhanced user experiences, but also a circular flow s of raw material. A system of an almost infinite clothing experience that can not be owned, but like good food can be experienced again and again.

Upload your measurements, let your avatar try the garment you want, press print and pick it up in a pop-up store. When the garment become old you just throw it in the compost or other recycling station and it is returned to the system, as a raw material.

A limited edition of the service will be launched in 2018. If you want the chance to experience it first hand, sign up here.