PROJECT Design concept for Scandinavias first magnetic Kaiten Sushi restaurant


CO DESIGNERS Sanna Kvist - wrap skirt


TOOLS & SKILLS concept development, interior architecture, product design, clothes design , graphic design, hospitality, physical Space



CASE The objective was to create an immersive bistro experience around a magnetic Kaiten sushi concept, a unique and premium extension of the Sushi Yama restaurant brand. Like the food and beverage brand itself, the design concept transforms cultural phenomena into contemporary and global contexts. From traditional Japanese sushi to an international quick-serve bistro.



Guringo designed a full restaurant concept including interior architecture, brand illustrations, menu graphics and customized products such as clothing, furniture and image photography.



SUSTAINABILITY FACTOR  he project provided Sushi Yama with a research and development opportunity aimed at starting a shift towards becoming a fully sustainable company. Shifts included introducing new architectural materials and sustainable clothing as well as customizing the actual serving and dining experience, both for guests and staff.



CITATPLATTA-HEMSIDA SY_mall_mindre text2
Sushi Yama Kaiten
Wrap skirt-1

Sushi Yama Kaiten is located at the entrance of Cityterminalen in the WTC building in Central Stockholm.



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