PROJECT Interior architecture and design toolbox

CLIENT Sushi Yama restaurant chain


TOOLS & SKILLS  Concept development, Product & Graphic Design, Spatial narrative, architecture



CASE  Since january 2016 Guringo is responsible for full architectural and spatial rebranding of the Sushi Yama concept. 

Sushi Yama Göteborg Nordstan 1 -2

WHAT  Sushi Yama is an ongoing design commission where Guringo is the one stop shop for all physical design, ranging from design of the interiors to inhouse devices, installations and products. Deliverables are such that all new design feature must deliver advancement in overall sustainable and renewable performance as well as delivering brand design excellence and guest experiences. The designconcept is developed as a flexible and modular design toolbox that can be adapted to site specific needs.

Sushi Yama Göteborg Nordstan 1 -5
CITATPLATTA-HEMSIDA SY_mall_mindre text2
Sushi Yama Göteborg Nordstan 2 -5
Sushi Yama Interiors

HOW IT WORKS  The design toolbox consists of various typologies of interior elements such as seating, counters, dividers, tables and visual components such as applied graphics and signage systems. These typologies can be combined to create different spatial experiences depending on site and business model per site.

Yama World samlingsplasch hensida

COOPERATION  Guringo designs the Sushi Yama brand interiors as a commission through Hospitality interior producers Panea.

Sushi Yama A6 Jönköping -4
Sushi Yama A6 Jönköping -7

IN USE  Sushi Yama is Scandinavias largest Sushi chain and has 33 restaurants. Guringo has so far designed five restaurants and will continiously design all new units and adapt previous restaurants to the new concept.

SUSTAINABILITY FACTOR  The challenge is to maitain an ever developing brand-ecosystem that continiously moves towards increased sustainable values, both with material usage and in design thinking such as modularity. A merger of brand uniqueness and fast off-shelf availability for fast implementation.


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