The thin line between art & innovation

Erik Lindvall

Creative Director på Guringo Design Studio             

Society is on the boundary between two prevailing paradigms, the fossil-based and renewable. We already have the technology and scientific knowledge we need to enter into the new paradigm, but we lack fundamental insight in how to use it. One can even argue that this is largely due to the difficulties we have when we try to use methods and processes developed in an earlier paradigm for developing behaviors and structures for an entirely new.

The cultural tools are therefore fundamental as they not only fulfill the function of intuitively graspable carriers of new insights, but also essential for the development of these new insights. The transition to a future sustainable society becomes smoother if we learn how the boundaries between art and industry can be dissolved in order to meet the new challenges we face. We need to reevaluate the premise of our present society and its systems without condemning, limiting or even comparing it with the old habitual behavior and disciplines. Along with research and industry,  the artistic angle is therefor  fundamental  for the development of innovations in contemporary society.