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When is the first time your customer hears about your brand, how do they experience it, what do they tell people afterwards?

Often our team will perform just one or two disciplines in a project, but we believe in multidisciplinarity and embrace co-creation across proffessional boundaries.

We also believe that all design is experience-design. When it comes to an experience though, we must think in actions, first and foremost. But rather than telling the customer a story, we are asking them to take certain actions so that they will understand the story. Or in the case of interactive events, forge stories for themselves from the contexts we have designed for them.

To create these contexts, every assignment needs to be treated as a complete ecosystem. Thus in our creative process we explore and define each projects unique structure. By doing so, we make sure that every element in the experience is true to the concept.

We strongly believe that these ecosystems always can be improved, learning from it´s own progress, forever becoming better, more consistent and unique.

The brand ecosystem

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Ecosystem parts being used in a single project

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