PROJECT An urban placemaking project focused on sustainability, architecture, food and art


CLIENT City of Stockholm


TOOLS & SKILLS  Concept development, physical space, architecture, graphic design, digital platform, communication & social media, innovation



CASE  Guringo won the assignment to design and produce the Brunkebergstorg 2014 project. The process involved all aspects of the three month urban intervention project including temporary master plan, five temporary art installations, the planning of a foodtruckpark and two architectural pavilions. The assignment also expanded to include developing communication platforms, social media strategies and communication.

The project was initiated by the City of Stockholm as a learning by doing lab for sustainable urban development.


WHAT In the summer of 2014 the hidden square Brunkebergstorg in the centre of Stockholm city was temporarily transformed from an architectural void into an urban oasis. The project was guided by key values such as process, sustainability and playfulness and was open to everyone.

The architecture provided intriguing spatial designs and innovations inviting people to explore the public space, new use of material and new social interactions.


BIOMIMIC KINETIC SCULPTURES A temporary pavilion on an existing fountain. The facets open and close depending on temperature. By adding different "add-ons" to existing conditions on the site, citizens were invited to explore the city new ways.


RESULTS  The reputation of Brunkebergstorg is perceived to have switched from being an anonymous to a positive place in the city, which has meant a significant increase in population flow to the site. It was very important to have a strong client who could delegate responsibility for concepts and production to Guringo. The project tested new forms of cooperation between all involved administrations and that greatly impacted on coordination, regulatory issues, decisions and processing times.



CITAT tisdag, 1 juli, 2014 av Karina Ericsson Wärn

It all feels like a picnic in a wooden hut! A cozy oasis away from the usual lunch stress. Very fun that they did something with a place that is otherwise very dead. It's not very often I go there, but now there will be more visits.


CIRCULAR AND TEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE The ambition was to create exciting architectural pavilions based on a circular approach to materials. In collaboration with engineering company COWI Guringo designed an architectural structure that could be assembled with a rubber mallet. The pavilions where constructed with society's everyday flows of material that could be recycled in household recycling after three months. The struts whee made of cardboard tubing from the printing industry.

CITATPLATTA-HEMSIDA kulturförv.text2

STATS An average of 500-1000 people per day passed the square during the three summer months of 2014. The average footfall of the previous years was 100 people per day.

The footfall at Brunkebergstorg increased with 1000% during the project time.

20 different consultants and subcontractors where involved in the production under the lead of Guringo. Including commercial partners and sponors Sonoco-Alcore, Organowood, Sigvard-Spångberg and Jan o Mattson.

30-40 different organisations created events, concerts, meeting etc within the context of the project.

24 different food trucks very active on the square during the project.




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