PROJECT  Exhibition on cutting edge research on sustainability

CLIENT  The Beijer Foundation, Svenskt Tenn

COLAB  The exhibition is a joint collaboration between Guringo Designstudio, Swedish interior design company Svenskt Tenn, the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and four of the most prominent illustrators in Sweden; Jesper Waldersten, Stina Wirsén, Liselotte Watkins och Eric Ericson.


TOOLS & SKILLS  Exhibition- and narrative design, artwork and production.



CASE  The exhibition Patterns of the Biosphere is a unique exhibition in which art and science meet in a joint expression displaying world leading research on sustainability. The artwork involves topics such as ecosystem services, natural capital, tipping points, resillience, and how nature and humans enrich eachother in a complex patterns of socia-ecological systems.

Drawing on arts ability to intuitivly communicate complex issues in society, the exhibition represents a startingpoint for discussions on sustainability, energy, food supply, gender equality, resources and circular economy.


The aim was to show that that a substatial part of the design store´s earnings is channeled to research on sustainable development at the Beijer Institute.


VISUAL IDENTITY  The challenge was to merge art and science in a way that communicated and made justice to the research and at the same time reached up to the artistic expectations of the Svenskt Tenn brand. Guringos solution was to narrate the research and curate the scientific insights ino graphic posters and physical interpretations together with four of the most renowned artists in Sweden. The posters was printed as limited editions, that could be purchased by costmers in the store.

In that way, the scientific insights became beatutiful artpieces hanging on the walls in private homes.

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IN USE  The Be A Tree poster with illustrations by Jesper Waldersten was the most frequently clicked link on the Svenskt Tenn web site during the whole year in 2015.


During 2016 The Swedish Institute contracted Guringo to translate the exhibition posters to english and provide a exhibition concept for Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide.

Svenskt Tenn
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